Prehistoric pile dwelling around the Alps


Dati bibliografici

AA.VV., "Prehistoric pile dwelling around the Alps", in "Treasures of Italy and UNESCO" series, SAGEP edition, 2018


The series “Treasures of Italy and UNESCO” (SAGEP edition) has recently been enriched with a new volume dedicated to the transboundary UNESCO Serial site “Prehistoric pile dwelling around the Alps”.

The guide has been organized as a light tool to know the structure of the UNESCO site made up of 111 elements, the other countries (Switzerland-proponent state, Austria, France, Germany and Slovenia) and above all the 19 Italian pile dwellings, spread in Piedmont (2), Lombardy (10), Trentino Alto Adige (2), Veneto (4) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (1).

For each of the 19 settlements, the history of the research is portrayed: from the nineteenth century excavations carried out soon after the "discovery of the pile-dwelling phenomenon" to the most recent investigations. The aim is to show the richness of these contexts, defined as "unique sources" of our past.

Thanks to the conservation in a wet environment, or just because they are still submerged in water, the pile dwellings have returned an extraordinary amount of finds in organic material through which numerous aspects of the oldest European communities life can be reconstructed, from Neolithic to the Age of metals.

Short texts allow the visitor to know many civic and state museums where pile-dwelling finds are exhibited and the sites where excavations and researches are currently in progress, and which can be visited during excavation activities.

The picture is completed by in-depth short texts dealing texts dealing with various themes of archaeological research (from dendrochronology to wood or metal techniques,to the discovery of exceptional finds) and enhancement (parks and visit routes).

The texts are written by archaeologists from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, directors and curators of museums, university researchers and experts. It is therefore a collective effort: networking and sharing ideas and projects is, moreover, in the very nature of a transboundary serial site such as the pile dwellings.

The projectwasfinancedfrom the funds of Law 77/2006 “Misure speciali di tutela e fruizione dei siti e degli elementi italiani di interesse culturale, paesaggistico e ambientale, inseriti nella "lista del patrimonio mondiale", posti sotto la tutela dell'UNESCO”